The Yoruba Man! By Joy Isi Bewaji

When we say we like "Yoruba Men", it's not ethnic endorsement or an affiliation with tribe. It has nothing to do with a man's dialect.

It's not Tayo, Dayo, Kunle, Seun or Bode. Nah. It's not in a name.

When we say we like "Yoruba Men", it's a way of life; a modern social praxis of a type of man that is admirable, arousing respect and desire, first-rate individual - kind, gentle, unassuming, responsible, smart, fresh... things like that; far from being a damn fool, a bully or insecure.

As far as I am concerned, Ebuka, for instance, is a "Yoruba Man". He's an all round decent human being; also he qualifies as a Yoruba demon, symbolizing a smart metrosexual. The term evolved pretty fast, and it has become the acceptable way to describe a man's sophistication.

The "Yoruba Man" is deeper than an Ijebu accent or wedding agbada, it is the vignette of exemplary behaviour.

Jay Z, for instance, is a "Yoruba Man". Most definitely. And I'm talking about the elevator incident; and also how he handles his cheating allegations. All round flawless. Love him to bits.

Many Yoruba men do not meet the criteria of the "Yoruba Man". They don't match the profile of this breed. Therefore, they are not "Yoruba Men".

I have this Igbo friend I hang out and travel around with. An exceptional gentleman. He's definitely a "Yoruba Man".

You get it now, right?

Rochas is definitely Igbo. No doubt about that one.
So there. I had to clear that up.
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