I Don't Think The Industry Has Maximised Ebuka's Skill' Says Joy Isi Bewaji!

I hope Ebuka Obi-Uchendu doesn't feel any pressure to spend half his financial worth on looking a part that satisfies an unecessary crowd that adds no real value to his immedate life.

There's so much more to this man. He is a great writer. I read his ThisDay backpage articles for years. He can write and discuss on anything successfully. His intelligence is both humbling and profound. He is a kind man. A decent human being. A good person.

To reduce him to a mannequin we can ogle at is somewhat upsetting. I don't mind the infrequent thirst to follow his unique style; I don't think to drool over his red carpet/ wedding style is offensive, I just don't think a man so smart should be made to linger too long in a corner of "what's he wearing?". Let's leave that for men who aren't too, you know, bright. And they are many of them to objectify. Leave the smart ones to pursue higher causes. Lol!

Sincerely, I don't think the industry has maximised Ebuka's skill. I don't think he even cares much for it. Cooper Anderson comes to mind when I think of the position an Ebuka should occupy in media. Intriguing and kind mental sophistication.

I would have him on a top 10 list with Trevor Noah in my rating for smarts and wit.

*PS: And I can't wait for the era of loud, ostentatious, garish weddings to end. That era when it'll be totally outdated and passé to consider a train and hundreds of people coming to watch you do what millions of others do every damn weekend.

PSS: Sorry y'all, I know you love your BankyW weds Susu. But I can't think of anything so relentlessly dull at this point. The entire online exercise is as tiring as staring at wet paint on a wall, waiting for it to dry. ðŸ™ˆðŸ™ˆðŸ™ˆ
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