I’m Starting A Company For Writers Of All Genres' By Joy Isi Bewaji!

2018 is going to be a whole new level of hard work. I'm so ready.

I’m starting a company for writers – of all genres. It’s a one-stop shop of every kind of writing you want for your business or brand. Tons of writers in one fancy office – every genre covered. We are going to change the general tenor of writing.

We can be hip or elegant or sophisticated or lavish or professional – whatever style of writing the client wants, we will have a writer to deliver. We will build a new ethos.

We are going to make our children tick the writer’s box when they choose a life ambition. That’s how fabulous we are going to make writing. Remember how new generation banks first started? And how everybody wanted to be a banker? That’s how we shall run this culture.

We shall pass a message I’ve always held dear to my heart and I have lived – writers are not poor (or shouldn’t be poor); writing can pay your rent, your children’s fees, and your vacation. Writing can give you a good life. Writing is enough. It really is. You are either getting this writing thing wrong, or you are one of those whose only ambition is to write sub letters and gather likes. I hope you do something with the talent you have, because it’s a damn shame to write your way to lack.

Our structure will be in Lekki. We will have editors, proofreaders, copywriters, scriptwriters, playwrights, content providers, social media experts, ghostwriters, songwriters, business writers, reviewers, satirists – name it.

No more bad sentences and poor dialogue in your businesses. Just as you need an accountant to fix your finances, you would need a writer to fix your business proposals or write you a brilliant speech. You’d need us to run your blogs and scribble love notes - whatever the writing need, you can come to us.

Just imagine a company full of writers (and a few graphic artistes and marketers)!!!
Wait for it.

This is for the culture.

To my investor, thank you! You have no idea how believing and investing in one writer can change the tone of our children’s generation.

They all can't be musicians or lawyers or engineers. Some of them have to be successful writers. Let's show them how.

PS: We’ll be hiring, soon.
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