Bitcoin Is Gaining Momentum And Going Mainstream! By Temitope Gideon Adebisi

Do you know you can join the class of Bitcoin miners and start producing daily spendable Bitcoins of your own?

Now that Bitcoin is gaining momentum and going mainstream, many are on the look out for genuine investment to make their money work for them in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

There are 3 major ways to acquire Bitcoin.
1. Buy and hold
2. Trading
3. Mining
Out of these 3 ways, mining is the most profitable.

After so much research, I finally found a crowdfunded Bitcoin mining operation verifiable on 3rd party website and on the Blockchain that everyone can participate in with as little as $599USD.

Just 18 months ago, a partner of ours invested *$3500* into this mining operation. Today he has earned in excess of 19Bitcoins now valued at *$304, 000USD*.

March this year, a close friend of mine invested just *$1500* into this mining operation and it has produced in excess of 0.5Bitcoins valued at *$8,222USD* now with several years of mining to go.

If they had put same money in the bank, the best it would give is 6% per annum. If it is kept in a mutual trust fund, the best it would give is about 18% per annum.

This is the biggest revolution ever and its poised to transfer wealth into the hands of those who take ACTION now.
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