Let's Find Our Problems : Cataloging Nigeria's Problems! By Aroms Aigbehi

We are looking for highly intelligent and critical thinking Nigerians interested in joining us to create a problem catalogue of the problems afflicting Nigeria with the goal of solving them.

Nobody has ever done this. Dr. Sunday Adelaja and I have decided to create a problem cataloge of Nigeria. Assuming money is not the problem what are the problems we need to solve today to move Nigeria forward?

Let's take Education as an example. What are the major problems in the educational sector? One of the major problem is Corruption. However, the problem of corruption has sub problems. I have listed about 60 of them but here is a partial list below:
1.Examination malpractices.
3.Lack of libraries.
4.Poor or no seats or desks.
5.Certificate forgery.
14.Poor nutrition.
15.Poor accommodation.
16.Sexual intimidation and abuse.
17.Fake degrees or bought degrees.
18.Fake students.
19.Adult illiteracy.
20.Uneducated teachers.
21.Poor infrastructure.

Don't just pass by as always and don't participate and yet complain the rest of the day about the problems of Nigeria. People who do not fully understand their problems will NEVER be in a position to solve them.

Therefore, If you think you know about the problems of Nigeria and can help list them, so we can start solving them Please get in contact with us. Fill the form using this link to join the team. Be a part of the solution. 
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