A True Story From My Days In Fadeyi-Lagos! (This will BLESS your business!)

I remember growing up on the streets of Fadeyi, one of the poorer neighborhoods in Lagos (we don’t have slums in africa!)

This was way before I started looking good in nice suits as a Succesful Attorney, and more recently as an even more successful Digital Marketing Consultant, and way before I wrote so many best selling books on business and lifestyle.

At that time it was just me, my parents, my 5 other siblings, PLUS 2 Cousins, staying in a ‘Room and Parlor’, Face-Me-I-Face-You deal.

In our little Face-Me-I-Face You apartment, we had an uncle who used to come visit us but he was very fussy about technology or anything that is fast. We will call him Uncle Dabiri (not his real name becos I don’t want you laughing at my uncle or his living children to their face on social media !)

Uncle Dabiri loved his pounded yam. That was all he ever ate when he visited our little ‘mansion’ in Fadeyi.

Every time he visited, my poor sisters had to sweat in the little open air kitchen shared by 20 other tenants, to boil fresh yam, and then spend about 2 hours of hard labor, with mortar and pestle, pounding the boiled yam into submission until the yams became smooth pounded yam paste, and then they would garnish it with freshly plucked spinach (Efo Riro) from Baba Ladi’s compound about 4 streets away.

Uncle Dabiri’s too frequent visits were something my sisters looked forward to with dread, because even our father did not eat pounded yam, and never made them suffered so much just to make his food.

So, when the miracle Of Ready-Made, processed pounded yam first came out in what was called ‘Poundo Yam’, my uncle wont touch it with a long pole much less put it in his mouth.

See, with ‘Poundo Yam’, much like drive-through Burger, all the hard work of ‘pounding’ has been done by machines in a factory somewhere, and the resulting paste beautifully packaged in flour bags.

With Poundo Yam, all you needed to do to get your pounded yam rocking in your mouth, was simply spend about 3 effortless minutes mixing the flour paste with hot water and you get an all-done and all ready-to-gobble pounded yam.

Still my uncle won’t eat it.

He said he preferred his Pounded Yam being FRESHLY pounded for hours by human beings who would sweat like Christmas goats before putting a small plate of pounded yam on his table.

When my sisters would frown their faces anytime he visited, he would threaten to go into the kitchen and pound the ‘damn yams himself ‘.

Of course in our Yoruba culture in Nigeria, that was an abomination. So off to the pounding mortar my sisters would go. Sometimes with tears in their eyes.

Despite the whole world embracing the amazing techno breakthrough for lovers of pounded yam , my uncle Dabiri and traditional dinosaurs like him won’t touch it until about 20 years later when no one had pounding mortars in their city houses anymore, and neighbors would probably beat you up for making so much noise ‘punishing’ the yams you wanted to eat.

This is the story of a man that refused to embrace quick 3-minute solution to a problem that would normally take hours.

He simply insisted on his right to ‘suffer’ ("work-hard") for his food, or in this case, make others suffer for him to eat his pounded yam the ancient method. Simply because he is not comfortable with innovations that made things suspiciously easy.

Needless to say, Uncle Dabiri was more hated in our house than some modern day politicians (I am not mentioning names!)

But what has uncle Dabiri’s pounded yam got to do with you and your internet marketing dreams.?

I am glad you finally asked!

See, I have observed too many people spending months and years of hard work, and huge capital, to build digital products the traditional way, struggle building funnels the old way, and sweating on their computers day In day out just to get marketing tools and traffic and sales done the traditional hard way

This class of internet marketers would tell you that the new trend of getting complete done-for-you products, PLUS easy made-for-you funnels PLUS done-for-you marketing tools and traffic to sell it and make quick money, while still trying to learn the fundamentals of the game, is a lazy man’s approach

Some of the more uncharitable ones would even say it’s a scam.

They would insist it’s not possible for someone to spend thousands of dollars putting all these complicated structure together and then offer it to you for a ridiculous low price.

These ‘Uncle Dabiris’ of internet marketing would tell you to spend the necessary months to learn how to do all these yourself before thinking of making any money online.

They would tell you, with an air of ‘broke-ass’ superiority, that you must pay your dues with months of needless Labor, money and spend the time you would never get back.

What a pathetic approach to living the lifestle of your dreams.

Yet, there is a ‘Poundo Solution’ out there where you can simply piggy-back on ready-made products; ready-made funnels; and ready-made marketing tools to start making money immediately, even as you learn the ropes of internet marketing.

The clueless ‘Pounded Yam’ traditionalists Of internet marketing continued to suffer and waste lots of money trying to build an empire first, while the smart ‘Poundo Yam Marketers’ are embracing the do-it -for-you option as a first step in getting some money into their pockets first, while going through the longer process of learning to build their own structure.

So we see lots of young boys come, and in barely 24- 72hours they are banking good money while the ‘smart’ old school ‘I will build mine’ first crowd continued to whine and blame the gurus and the young kids for their poverty.

So which one are you?

Are you with the old ‘wise’ ‘Pounded Yam’ crowd or with the smarter ‘Poundo Yam’ generation?

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(Of course I know Uncle Dabiri can’t even believe that kind of money is possible from my computer, without entering any ‘kitchen’ though I happen to know of many others including a 24 year old who actually did over $4million in one year using the THE POUNDO YAM Method.)
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It’s time to STOP messing around and START WINNING as a Netpreneur!

Dr Ope Banwo
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