Where Are The Real Women? By Ken Tadaferua

You remember world famous women of glamour like Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Miriam Makeba, Tina Turner etc They were great natural beauties who strutted the world with the special sculptural gifts and endowments Mother Earth bestowed handsomely on them. They were such wonders of human art to gawk at.

Today, beauty is artificial. The women are now a pot pourri of plastic portions, body filler putty, bizarre colours and slews of suffocating perfumes. Sometimes you get the impression that you are looking at a smiling Chinese dragon or sorcerer mask. Of course you know that the endowments of many of today's glamorous women are either manufactured or sown up on to their bodies by commercial doctors altering nature's quintessential work while smiling like sharks to the bank.

One can no longer gaze at a female these days and give praises to Jah Rastafari for the manifest gift of ultimate art: the splendor and beautiful poetry of the handsome woman, the alluring touch of sublimity and toast to nature at her creating best. Today, one must plough through coats of many colours, bags of plastic body parts along with fake and stolid accoutrements to find nature's original design which in any case is already sullied and debased. Not a very attractive prospect if you ask me.

Briefly put. One is put off by all the plastic and colour razzmatazz. Real women are disappearing like the polar regions to science. How I wish women can engineer a cultural and fashion revolution back to earthy zaniness. A few are working at it: Alicia Keys who stopped wearing makeup and Chimamanda Adichie who is keeping her natural African hair. Beautiful women. We need more of them as too many women are long gone.

Aaahhh, permit me to ask you: Is that your wife, bae, sister or auntie on that Facebook display or profile picture? We all know it is not her. That is a caricature. A Chinese mask. An alien. Stare at the picture again and agree with me.
Have a great nite, folks.
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