Someone I Respect Always Said That "If I Am Ever Pushed To humiliate Or Hit My Wife, I'll Divorce Her Instead! By Joy Isi Bewaji


A wife used the money meant to fix the car for her hair. And she was made to push the car when husband came back and car broke down and yada yada! He shames her and tells the entire world how useless she is.

Don't y'all see how irresponsible this woman is?

I can't possibly fault the man's reaction. Only God knows what else she has traded for flimsy expenses.

In more civilised climes, a white man will simply ask for a divorce, with this one situation as a deal breaker.

It is really annoying.

Someone I respect always said that "if I am ever pushed to humiliate or hit my wife, I'll divorce her instead."

I can't stand financial immaturity/irresponsibility, especially when it involves other people's money.

I don't know the kind of relationship you people have with money... but if I give you money to pay my children's school fees and you use it for a weave or a shoe or whatever... You are dead. No, I mean scissors-stuck-in-your-throat-fucking-dead.

If I give you money to fix my car and you use it for a weave or liposuction... you will run mad. I mean naked-at-midnight-calling-on-edo-gods-to-destroy-your-zero-sense-self.

If I give you money to pay any of my bills on OUR behalf and you use it for alcohol or brain transplant... you will rot in hell - the one I'd create, ten times hotter than anything you can imagine.

And I don't have to be a man to feel that much rage about irresponsible daft financial decisions.

The easiest way to show you have no regard for someone is to treat their money shabbily.

If we are a team, one of my biggest concerns would be how you treat money.

There's no yehn-yehn-yehn method to it. It is stupid to treat the one thing that covers your human frailty with such disrespect that you choose to buy a weave instead of the primary purpose/errand the money was meant for.

It is only when a child spends recklessly should you find subtle ways to reprimand them. Because they are children, and children's knowledge are not yet fully formed.

Adults, however, should live with the consequences of their own actions.

I know these things make me sound so cold. But believe me, I have paid the house rent of an acquaintance, and when s/he missed the first month of payment, I told him/her not to bother paying back, just so I wouldn't consider turning him/her into a car pusher or car cleaner.

Does that drop of honey make sweet my dark dark soul?
No? Shit! 
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