Success Is When You Are Able To Turn Your Fantasy Into Your Reality! By Seun Taddy Duro-Fadipe

Success is when you are able to turn your fantasy into your reality.

Here is how you do that:

1. Identify your current reality.
2. Create your desired reality (Fantasy)
3. Bridge the gap.

One major problem a lot of people face is the ignorance of their current place and pace at which they are progressing.

A lot of people are so intrigued with the success of others, the glitz and glamour, vague aspirations.
People say things like "he earns this, she earns that." But you are not him or her, neither do you have the same level of commitment, level of discipline, skills or tenacity.

Everyone's reality is totally different. You must first identify yours and device a way to get through it. If you are given the same opportunities as those you look up to, chances are you won't get the same results. Reason is no two are the same.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself,

1. What privileges and opportunities are available to me?
2. How can I use them to create and enhance my life?
3. How much have I leveraged on my mental and physical strength?
4. Can my fantasy become my reality with the things I currently do or engage in?

Here is the thing, you need to first know who you are and where you are to have a sense of direction towards where you want to be.

The next stage is to CREATE YOUR DESIRED REALITY(FANTASY).. Tomorrow, I'll be talking about how to create your desired reality. Watch this 
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