Independence In Shackles! Seun Taddy Duro-Fadipe

A lot of people celebrating independence, yet I see shackles on their feet and their hands.

They have failed to be truly independent. Territorial independence doesn't remotely guarantee personal independence.
Though Nigeria is independent, if you are one of the folks that depend on another individual for the life you truly want, YOU ARE FAR FROM INDEPENDENCE.

If you have to be bossed around, maltreated, intimidated to get a lousy salary at the end of the month in order to make ends meet, YOU ARE FAR FROM TRUE INDEPENDENCE

If your life depends on something you don't have a certain degree of power over, I hope your shackle is made of gold.

If you have to be at the mercy of another person to get things you vehemently desire, YOU ARE FAR FROM TRUE INDEPENDENCE.

Take a moment to reflect today while celebrating the independence of our dear country, Nigeria, ask yourself...."Am I truly independent or merely celebrating territorial independence ?"

God bless Nigeria. Happy Independence Day.
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