I Can Never Scroll Past A Bobrisky News! By Immanuel James Ibe-Anyanwu

 I admit: I can never scroll past a Bobrisky news. I am always entertained by what I consider his unsung literary value. When we write stuff like: "Oya come and be going"; "You think you're doing me", etc., we are being deliberately funny. 

We are eating English with local cutlery. And celebrating it, never mind it might offend the etiquette police.

Not Bobrisky. His English is entirely his own and he's not being funny here. He is being his innocent, empty self, trapped in a childhood vocabulary that he can neither improve nor abandon.

Bobrisky is a good source for someone wanting to write rich children's dialogues in a way that is innocent and true. You read him and remember Nigerian kids saying things like "Sleep have carry mummy in the palour."

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