Nigeria Finally Allows Prisoners To Vote! By Darren Idongesit

Normally, you'd be angry and disappointed at such decisions but here is a good time for me to preach the humanist gospel.

Prisoners are human beings too, while justice must be tampered with mercy, this doesn't mean we must tamper with justice. It simply means if you are sending a human being to spend the rest of his life behind bars, afford the decency to make sure he doesn't suffer abusively in there.

It's easy to romanticize about the child rapist who got starved for a month and pushed into a meat grinder, this is easy. The hard part is accepting that even the rapist has rights and even rights to demand you have compassion towards him!

This is the future we are heading to, you will no longer kill a killer, no more eye for an eye. We are moving into the future of empathy because I sure wouldn't want to hang on a strangling noose if I was a criminal.

Since I don't want some mask-wearing executioner put a noose round my neck, I don't also want same treatment for others.

We are human beings, we make mistakes, but what we all agree
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