Some Of The Main Factors That Cause Frustrations And Depression For People On Social Media! By Olajide Abiola

1. When they unsuccessfully attempt to impose their views on others rather than succinctly state them with the graceful force of logic and reasoning for others to willfully evaluate and buy in.

2. People personalise their views, so a rejection of such views is considered a rejection of their person. An over bloated ego or low self-esteem is the cause of this.

3. People seek validation and sense of self worth from people who don't even know their worth, who are fickle and who use validation as a control tool to esteem other people's affection.

4. Some people are unable to articulate their thoughts in writing, making them seem intently obnoxious or rude, thereby igniting unpalatable reactions from others.

5. Many take everything on social media to heart, ignoring to guard it diligently.

6. Most people try to please everybody to earn or retain their affection. The first recipe for unhappiness and depression. One cannot realistically please fewer members of one's nuclesr family, how then do people think they can please 500 to 5000, or even 20,000 connections and followers?

7. People don't realise that transfer of aggression and frustration is real, and that fewer people are emotionally matured to put things under control.

8. Most people will keep negative in their circle as long as they provide the validation they seek.
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