Talent Without Growth Or Direction Grates On My Nerves! By Joy Isi Bewaji

This is what I have been trying to say.
Truth be told, talent without growth or direction grates on my nerves.
It's a waste. Especially when it is made for lazy entertainment or motivation. It's a waste of space, a waste of something special. And when talent tells you it doesn't care about money, I just want to hiss and laugh and choke on something.
For instance, I do not care much for someone's "exceptional writing". This isn't 1988, "exceptional" without purpose is a doughnut. We eat it and defecate in the hole. Talent in its raw form excites only for a while, then it gets boring. And if it persists in its masturbatory abilities, it becomes annoying.
Focus is the real deal. You cannot beat focus. You can't. It's a moving train. If you stand in its way, it will crush your bones. Best believe.
Focus gives up on nothing. Follows through with what matters. Discards the waste. And keeps moving.
Focus doesn't stop in its journey to nurse bitterness. It doesn't stop to chat about the weather. Focus can't find the time for small talk. It can't keep up with your insecurities either.
Focus just keeps moving. And if it's on the wrong track, it isn't going to spend more than a minute beating itself up. It gets over its mistake, faces the other direction, and its on to the next.
All the while, Talent with its lazy ass is building an imaginary castle with all the likes, praises and compliments it can gather.
Focus is a rare and beautiful trait.
Stay focused.
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