Ah! It Was His Birthday Yesterday! By Joy Isi Bewaji

So I was at this script conference a while back organised by the amazing Samuel Olatunji (Big Sam), and when they asked...
"Who should act this role?"
I had a big smile and cooed, "I was thinking of Kunle Remi when I wrote it."
"Err... Joy, but he is too young for the role."
"It doesn't marra, he can rub chalk on his hair."
"Joy plix think of another actor that is actually old."
Kunle Remi must inteprete a leading role in one of my scripts oh. After all, he motivates me to create some of the hottest male characters I've successfully done so far. It is only fair my muse actually gets the part.
No be so?
Happy belated birthday, Gorgeous. You are one fine man.
Ladies in the house, if you believe in this gospel, type "Amen".
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