Don't Live Your Life By What You See On Social Media! Says Samuel Olatunji

Stop masturbating on social media, it looks like the real deal but it's not... I felt inspired to write this on Monday but couldn't get around to it at the office.

Alone on the bed tonight and seeing flurry of real and not-so-real things on social media further propel me to pen this on here.

Please don't live your life by what you see on social media. Don't base your feelings on the kinds of feedbacks you get here. 

Many things that seem real are not real. And don't assume your friend who is not popping on social media is not 'happening' in real life. 

The 'likes' and the 'comments' are not the yardstick for happiness. One of the most and consistently successful filmakers I know in Nollywood is not a big deal on social media.

A friend told me last week's about another friend who has a mansion in Ogba for over two years now and we all did not know about it, neither is he a social media celeb.

If Akpororo did not show his house this week, many would not have listed him as a successful comedian in terms of money. Please live your life by setting your own goals and sticking by them.

Don't be sway by the 'popping' pages and 'timelines' of others. Some people don't have the life you have, don't make their miserable lives the standard for yours. 

Determine your happiness. Don't let others set your life's boundaries, neither should you give them the key to your happiness.

Be your own happiness. Don't let their comments move you, be the one behind the moves of your life. Set your path, walk your walk, it is your life, don't let society be the gauge with which you measure your joy. 

Social Media should be too small to determine the happenings in this beautiful life of yours. Enjoy the remaining years of your life, it is your life, live it. NB: Samuel Olatunji is the CEO of BBB Media, Prestige Platform and Founder of Broadway TV, The Young Nigerian and Gospel Plus.
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