Why are we not having sex? By Joy Isi Bewaji

Look around you - men with hair on their chests and biabia and balls dangling close to 2-inch long penises, with over three decades existing as human beings are on social media shaming their exes...
Sharing private sexual messages and... wait for it, clicking on Facebook LIVE to record intimate stories of private moments with a woman they once tickled her vagina. If they don't go to those extremes, they post a sub note... like fucking goats suffering deep-seated inferiority complex.

Yet black women are sleeping with these assholes, sharing their lives with them. Making excuses for them. Jumping on a queue to be the next toe nail to be clipped. You make it so damn easy for a man to get away with constantly being an idiot.

You are sleeping with a man who struggles so hard to live up to some social media delusion of celebrity.

I am celibate, please. I am crawling in and out of one man's affection 5 times a year. A man who couldn't possibly know the first thing to say if he had to shame a woman. The words will not come together. He doesn't know how. Doesn't know what a sub is or takes this entire online life seriously.

You have sex. You rest. You know the moon will turn to biscuit before he ever tries to act the part of an asshole.

Why? He has a life and a lot to lose. Top on the list would be his basic human decency.

I can't shout. You can't succeed dating/sleeping with a fool.

I keep seeing this constant mess online. How do you even fall in love with a man who thinks it makes any sense to correct the notion that he can't last 5 minutes in bed? As in... you think it is necessary to debunk the words of an Ex fooling herself online?

The man is jumping upandan as he records a video, telling the friends of his Ex to "come, let let me bless your life with my sugar stick. See if I am really a one-minute man", laughing like a monkey, beating his chest, calling all women to his bed to taste his saccharine sex to prove that an ex is wrong.

Some Ghanaian neanderthal.

A man! Lousy chicken-anal-fucker!

How do you get turned on being with a man no wiser than a toddler, without common sense?
God forbid.
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