The Writerpreneur Workshop! By Joy Isi Bewaji

How to make money as a writer in Nigeria.

How to make productive financial contacts.

What should you write about.

Recognising your audience.

Maximising the financial capacity of your own social media niche.

What genre pays.

How to multitask as a writer, gathering your pennies until they grow like the tower of Babel.

Understanding controversy that profits.
(The saddest thing for a writer is to be controversial and broke. Your village people are hurting you. You are destroying relationships for a few likes and shares? You display the intelligence of a turkey. It's laughable.

So after the subs and applause from your kind, what next? You are still broke. You have no sense to know whom to honour and whom to ignore. Everything is a joke. Until you check your pocket and realise you are the only joke in the entire situation you have created for yourself. I could teach you about controversy that actually sells, beyond a few minutes of excitement.)

Be a smart money-making writer. Run your little writing empire.

I can't teach you how to write. This is not the class, sorry. But if you are a good writer and looking for branding and advancement, then this is the Workshop for you. I can teach you how to recognise quality relationships and how you can nurture these relationships for mutually rewarding benefits.

I can tell you who you need to be talking to right now regarding your next writing pay cheque. I can tell you how to brand your writing self for a breakthrough. How to detect time-wasters. And what genre you may need to go learn.

You don't need to know too many people, you need to know the right people.

Let me tell you all about getting your talent closer to the people who will take you seriously.

Of course you get to ask me any questions.

It's just me and you and my writing truths. I will tell you everything. Even if it's just one person.

No, it is NOT free! Are you kidding me?! Toh.

Registration is N10,000 per person.

This September.

The pretty fliers and promo will happen later...

But first, vacation must happen sometime in August/September. Then I'll be back, refreshed, to tell you all about writing as a business.

Only if you wish to pay for registration should you holler at me. Send an email to:

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