Let Us Talk About The Power Of Women! By Onyeka Nwelue

Women are deceptive and I will explain. A wombecause of the way we raise women. We program women to pretend; to act like sheep. We tell them to act a certain way: always pander to the sensibilities of men so they don't look wayward. But this is bunkum.
an makes you feel like she's weak. That is completely false. A woman is more patient, stronger and intimidating. We have ignored that the reason why most women pretend like that they can't throw a car at a mountain or kick a man in the ass and beat the heck out of a man is

Our mothers are stronger than our fathers.

Women are powerful. 
The vagina is very powerful.
The umbilical cord is powerful.
Fetus and placenta.
These are strong connections, from the bodies of women. They are linked to how we live. They are our line. Because of the spirit, life and individuality - these are symbols.

The womb carries a child for 9 months. In the body of a woman. 9 months. Men haven't done any of them.

We know that the vagina looks like the entrance of a temple. It is a TEMPLE. It is a magical place to live in and it exudes all sorts of magic and smell and fragrance. Depends on who is carrying it.

It is the Temple Between Thighs. We go in and come out from there. Patience it requires for a dick to go in and patience it requires for a child to come out.

That's why women are naturally patient and stronger. Reason why you look at the most sustained (and maintained) events or companies in Nigeria are run by women.

The most important film festivals, awards, TV channels and conglomerates in Nigeria are run by women.

By nature, we know men are not the Heads of families. They act like one. They force things upon themselves. We know the truth.

The owner of EbonyLifeTV is a woman.
The richest blogger in Africa is a woman.
The founder of Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) is a woman.
The director of AFRIFF is a woman.
The director of Lights Camera Africa Film Festival is a woman.
AMAKA Igwe na woman.
Ake and Kaduna Book Festivals are directed by a woman.
What are the things men have done well?

Men are useless. We all know.
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