The Bachelorette Reality Show! By Joy Isi Bewaji

I love The Bachelor/The Bachelorette reality show. I love it for pure entertainment value.

I do not believe in the confessions of love though. I don't take their love admission seriously.

The danger of this reality show, however, is the fairytale it creates in 10 weeks that allows for excitement, passion and, maybe, love to happen.

The producers and sponsors put every block in place to ignite love... and ensure one character goes home engaged after 9 weeks.

But that's not real love. Whatever.

So in this season, like all other seasons, the men start to confess some kind of love for the bachelorette, Rachel.

Eric is one of them. He finally says he is in love with Rachel. Of course, he'd be in love. She's the bachelorette and she has the tickets to over 6 countries and 10 cities across the world.

Every week, these men are treated to the finest wine, the most exquisite hotels in some of the most exotic locations in the world. There's free food, free clothes, an opportunity to be a C- celebrity in America. You get a minute on Ellen's seat. E! TV takes you seriously. A spot on People magazine. One ratty paparazzi following you upandan to the mall and back. Things like that.

You will fall in love when a woman walks in every other day to announce that you'd be taking a trip to Spain nah. And then to Italy. Then to Thailand. To Abu Dhabi...

Every week. Every new experience. Dining in colourful ways. Being mesmerised by surprises. And having it all recorded and fed to a fanbase that keeps growing all over the world.

Yes. Even love needs some kind of motivation. And that doesn't mean that after the show you'd be able to stand her morning breath.

When the show is over, and you move back to, say, the Bronx, with no chance of heading to Spain anytime soon. Rachel goes back to work as an attorney... and you, back to your daily grind...

Will you be able to convince yourself then that you actually fell in love and proposed to a woman you met only after 9 weeks, and it was genuine?


But sha oh, let the entertainment continue. I am the number one Naija fan of this show. I love love it. My guilty pleasure.

PS: Next week is the last episode for this season. Rachel shall go home engaged. Who will it be? Can't wait! 💃

PPS: The only black man standing, Eric, is hot hot hot. I wonder why it took me 9 full weeks to finally appreciate his physical beauty. As I watched the show today, I kept saying out loud to myself... "This man is hot sha. Whaaaaaat?!" Phew! See him with his shirt off and die! (Sorry no picture of that. I have it embedded in my memory) 😍😍😍
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