Sir Roger Penrose Argues That All Computers Including The Yet To Be Developed Quantum Computers Run According To Algorithms! By Ifa Dare

In his popular book, "The Emperor's New Mind," Sir Roger Penrose argues that all computers including the yet to be developed quantum computers run according to algorithms. 

The mind or consciousness, however, operates non-algorithmically. As such, no computer no matter how advanced could ever replicate a human mind or consciousness. Interestingly, Orunmila came up with the same proposition as Sir Penrose, but reached a different conclusion. 

In other words, Orunmila understood that the mind indeed operates non-algorithmically, and as a consequence, he attempted to replicate the mind or consciousness with the invention of the Opele quantum chain. 

Orunmila not only invented the Opele quantum chain to replicate human consciousness, he also developed the Opele quantum chain to produce information for the mind.

I contend that It's through the understanding of the technological information of Ifa that quantum computing can be fully developed. So, I implore NGR youths to study the technological information of Ifa so as to transform Ifa from cultural level information to technological level information.
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