Nigerians And Their Sentiments! By Obinna Aligwekwe

Even the educated are not left out.

Argument now is that Nigeria is not a failed state, even when every indicator is screaming to the contrary.

Even when the reputed bodies that started the "failed states index" has Nigeria CONSISTENTLY at the bottom of the pot.

But because PMB is ruling, we start mixing fact with fiction.

Updates and comments TOTALLY divorced from reality.

One commenter, after I inundated him with facts, told me to keep my facts to myself, that Nigeria will improve. 

Forgetting what the original post was about, he was no longer interested in concrete facts, but had succumbed to the blackmail of his sentiments, which tell him Nigeria will improve.

And I ask how? When? Where? By simply saying or dreaming it?

You guys amuse me.

This government has not done things markedly different to show we will take a leap soon.

Fear the sentimental Nigerian, be it for positive or negative.

The shock you get after following them to dreamland can be unnerving.

I await the day they will tell us our infant mortality rate is now the best in Africa.

It will still get to that level, even among those that should know better.

Nothing shocks me any more.
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