Celebrating The Other Parent! By Joy Isi Bewaji

Since every other day is Mother’s Day… I thought we could truly focus on fathers for Father’s Day.

I mean, MEN who do right by their children.

Not women who double as fathers. Not women who wear the pants (whatever that means). Or mother’s with moustache.

June 18 is Father’s Day. This day should be for Men. Good dads, great companions, amazing male figures. Celebrate fathers on Father’s Day. Try to focus on any good man who takes up his responsibilities as he should.

Deadbeat dads get all the spotlight all the time. No thanks to social media and our appetite for scandals. We are feeding in to a culture that permits men to be sperm donors and nothing more; even in our protests for “better fathers”, we excuse the disgrace some men have become.

But there are many good fathers. My brother is a great dad to his children. And he is kind to mine.
The man of my affection is an amazing dad.

I know great dads. I know kind men. So let’s make June all about fathers (don’t worry, another Mother’s Day is always around the corner, anyway).

I roll my eyes whenever I get that meme on Father’s Day that suggests I am also a dad because I am a single mother.

I am not a dad. I am a mother. And truthfully, ONE responsible parent is enough for a child.

My dad is a good man.

If you have a great father or think you are one, then Happenings Media in partnership with E’sorae Luxury, would like to celebrate you this season.

In no less than 100 words, tell us what makes your father special.

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