The Nigerian Life Is One Of Constant Disappointment! By Joy Isi Bewaji

You pray the new government will do the right thing. You want to believe the politicians you voted for will fix some of the issues we have suffered all our lives and also curb corruption.

You hope the Nollywood movie you're heading to the cinema to watch will live out best expectations.

You pray NEPA will give you light to keep your chicken frozen in the fridge.

You want to believe you can get justice when you report a rape case to the Nigerian Police.

You pray the local chairman will not sell the only park in the estate to a small business owner.

For your sanity sake, you want to believe the road that took 6 months to repair in your neighbourhood will not become a pothole fest a year down the line.

You really want to believe the cut-throat cost of education will improve the quality of what your children receive and also cover for colourful and competitive extra curricular activities.

You hope your tailor will sew and interpret Beyoncé's dress munched from the red carpet in the exact form.

You pray you don't encounter flood in Lekki when it rains.

You hope the local government will allow you run your small business without trying to pilfer every single penny from you just because you have a signboard on your porch.

You pray radio presenters will sound intelligent. Pray celebrities will say something sensible when they address domestic violence.

You hope this motivational seminar you paid for will actually have "successful people" who'll share their success and not lead you to believe it is only by the will of God (which makes you feel God must hate you for keeping you poor).

You pray this church will have a true minister of God and not a sham who needs your money to buy a Range Rover and pay for his family vacation.

You hope your landlord will fix your leaking roof after paying a handsome rent.

You pray you get the right diagnosis for your ailment when you visit the hospital. A swelling on your neck cannot be malaria, for pete sake.

You hope your debtor pays back the loan with as much enthusiasm as was shown when it was borrowed.

You pray this "children's event" organised by a popular brand will not have adults who try to cower the children with "obey your elders".

...and every damn time - a whooping 99% of the time, you are let down by the system, the people, their religion, their words.

A constant disappointment, this country. 

By Joy Isi Bewaji
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