The Nigerian Police Are Incompetent And Nigerians Deserve Justice

I just signed this petition... because this society is insane. The Nigerian Police are incompetent. And Nigerians deserve justice.

Unless we work on our justice system, we can only record pockets of victory of small relevance. I don't think I despise any group as much as I despise the rot and ignorance of The Nigerian Police. 

What we should be fighting for is a civil force that takes pride in doing their job. The Police are thorns. They are retrogressive. 

They have no zeal, no professional compassion. Whatever activism you set out to achieve, you cannot skip the decay of The Police. Our lives are like a train wreck.

Whatever this may achieve, I doubt it will go very far in sanitising society if The Police are not educated to understand these things.

"It is not rape. Just people playing around." Or something like that. Uttered by an authority in, yes, The Police.

I have lost the ability to feel anything. The disappointment of this society will kill you, eat your rice at your funeral, and forget you ever lived.

Do we celebrate Gani Fawehinmi? Since history is playing ping-pong in our children's curricula, do we even teach the next generation of the brilliant radicals who stood for something?

Lagos did not even have the decency of remembering Stella Adadevoh in its Lagos @ 50 shenanigans, a woman who saved half the city from dying of Ebola.

I am tired.

At this moment, I live for my children and my pleasure.

I am sorry. 

Do sign the petition... for whatever small impact it may achieve.

Written By
Joy Isi Bewaji
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