In Content Marketing, One Of The Core Principles Of Converting Leads Into Sales Is That You Should Build Lead Magnets

Sometimes writing is about just being where people need you to be, even when you are not available for a business meet up. You can simply send a rep who has your web address or blog.

You need to sell products or services to people who are not yet in town, your brand story goes remotely. Just send a well crafted email or share your business articles, a newsletter sometimes shows how far your company has progressed. Investors want to see you telling your story.

Sometimes this could be overwhelming; those who want to work with you don't even know what you do yet. Its a brand content delivery you need, you need to know who your ideal client is and especially why they should be looking for you.

I build content for blog owners who have not even met me in person, sometimes I guide artists in their essays and other times I am putting books and ideas together into ebooks.

In content marketing, one of the core principles of converting leads into sales is that you should build lead magnets. These could be articles with a subscription form, this could be an ebook that provides significant value to your "buyer persona".

Lead- because these value or entertaining package you create leads your visitors to a call-to-action:

1. Filling a subscription form.
2. Clicking on a download.
3. Paying for a service and
4. Sharing your work with others

Collectively in the past one month, I have close to 200 emails delivered on my blog sites. I have recently started to move to a second stage of building relationships with my visitors.

One of the things I am offering is a thorough writing session that is not just going to help you create content but would open your eyes to market potentials, how to capture the attention of your audience.

You need to know these things before you leave school or before you get a job that would give you little time to build your own business.

Everyone has an audience out their; it may be for financial gain or for influence. Maybe you even want to build a political following.

I must warn you, I did a training sometimes back on social media and building an online presence. Suddenly a lot of people came out doing social media management courses. There is no get rich quick strategy out there, what you need is clarity, consistence and purpose.

I stopped for a while because I wanted to ensure my writing or other goals were not suffering. I finally decided its time to give. The difference about what I teach is that, its personal experience. I use mostly my own personal struggles and challenges to build systems that work. Also my success stories are personal testimonies, when I can't give you that then I provide research based information.

The reason I don't copy random content or try to create bogus claims. My course will not turn you to a millionaire over night.

You will master your ideas, you will know who your audience is, you will find out tools that are available and opportunities. You would learn everything necessary to convert your passion into a business story that sells. If your passion is just to know how you could become self-published, design awesome ebooks, provide blog content or finish your book then you should be a part of this.

If what you need is a bigger, cheaper audience, stop spending on flyers and bulk sms. Get real people to believe in your brand, then join me on the 27th of May.

The course and ebook are on a 50% discount till the 27th, don't wait till then before placing your orders.

Questions are welcome.

 Written By Damilola Jonathan Oladeji
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