Before Nnamdi Kanu Of IPOB Was Arrested! "I Voiced My Suspicions That The Latest Biafra Struggle Was Just Another Franchise"

Even before Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB was arrested, I voiced my suspicions that the latest Biafra struggle was just another franchise, another business cloaked in political struggle.

The latest statement attributed to him does not even have to be true ( it would be disastrous to his struggle if it is). His confirmed actions already speak loudly.

Even if you are beholden to the efforts of FFK and others who may have helped secure your release, those who died while executing your ideal should have been paramount. Nothing has been heard of, or done in that direction.

Not that I expect much anyway. His methods left so much room for doubt for the discerning.

Like I said earlier, all he has done is drive that all important debate about our union not being negotiable.

The rest of the struggle, is beginning to look and sound more like a franchise, and it appears the struggle has matured from an economic point.

While those who took bullets on his behalf are being eaten by termites six feet under, we are seeing photo ops with former Igbo haters and opportunist politicians of Igbo extraction.

No proud and sensible Igbo person will ever forget that article of lies FFK wrote against the Igbo in 2013. The about turn in later days for me is immaterial.

We will wait and see who will be proved wrong on this IPOB story. Right now, it doesn't seem to be the skeptics.  

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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