Is Chibok A Scam

Very unlikely.

I am one of those who believe it may have been exaggerated for political purposes, but something real happened that day.

To be fair, I am certain Chibok was not the first, and not the last case of kidnapping carried out by Boko Haram, and many parents outside the Chibok circle currently bear the same level of pain and anxiety brought by the knowledge that their daughters are either dead or undergoing sexual molestation.

But I am certain Chibok happened. World intelligence agencies say so. Even GEJ who initially denied, admitted it happened. I cannot disprove all these accounts from the comfort of an I-phone or laptop.

If world media says 80 girls were recovered, at least let us rejoice with the parents and citizens.

It won't change my impression of Buhari. It won't change my impression of this regime. I still believe this regime should not see 2019 and Chibok won't change that.

They say love for nation should be separated from love for President. I believe that should also apply for dislike and hatred.

Written  By Obinna Aligwekwe
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