Buhari appeared for work on Tuesday last week and held "meetings

When Buhari appeared for work on Tuesday last week and held "meetings" with some functionaries of his government, I told us all to get ready for a movie of appearances and disappearances, a tale of "hale and hearty" and rushing to see Doctors.

He missed FEC meeting the very next day.

He was sited at Jumat service the day after, "hale and hearty", and walking briskly.

Few days after that, he had to rush to London.

Expect the usual phone calls where "people that matter" will speak to a President who is "hale and hearty". This could be in a matter of days or weeks.

You are free to continue donating your sense for the cabal to keep playing ping-pong like table tennis.
The discerning have already started making preparations.

Keep denying and commending him for going to seek treatment. I see no honour in that. A sane people not living in sycophancy, hero worship or denial at this stage would have asked for full disclosure and/or resignation.

What you guys are climbing atop trees to analyse, we who have treated patients for over a decade can see very clearly even while sitting down. 

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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