A Message For Jambites! "By Immanuel Ifediata"

Knowledge is not power. Only applied knowledge is power. In today's economy, only knowledge that can be utilized to bring about a benefit that someone will pay for is power.

There are many degrees of knowledge taught in the universities that are absolutely true, but totally useless in the real world, because they cannot be translated into a value that someone will pay for.

One of the problems facing university graduates today is that they are often shocked to find out that they have spent four years learning about subjects that no one but themselves really cares about. No employer is willing to pay them for a degree in archeology. This is why fully 80% of university graduates find themselves working outside their fields of study within two years of leaving school. They finally have to find something to do that actually benefits other people.

So, dear Jambite, study the situation around you before you apply for a course of study in the university. Don't apply to study courses that won't put any food on your table after leaving school with that degree. Unless, of course, your father is a moneybag and you are sure you are coming into a rich inheritance soon after leaving school. People will pay you to attend to their health, fix their engines, construct houses for them and teach foreign languages like English and French in school but no one is likely to pay you to think for Nigeria as a philosopher or dig up relics as an archeologist.
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