The Lottery Winner Called Birth

Everyday a new baby is born into this world, people celebrate without being aware of the STAGGERING odds overcome by that little individual. Every one of us, including YOU, overcame those odds to be where we are today. Want to have a glimpse? Follow me.

The story of every baby starts from the time when the Mother is born. In essence, half the genetic make up of every new born baby (the Father being the other half) resides in the Mother decades before that baby is born.

Surprised? Dont be.

A baby girl comes into this world with all her eggs already formed. She comes in with about two million eggs, which she will use during her reproductive period. Yes, 2,000,000. Of that number, only about six hundred thousand (600,000) will become viable during the reproductive age. Of that number, only about 500 will actually take part in her monthly cycle. Of that 500, only an average of four (4) will actually be fertilised. One of that very few number, that started from two million, was YOU.

Yet, that is just half the story. It gets even more intriguing.

A man, produces sperm DAILY. During intercourse, he deposits about 300-500 million sperm in one round. 

These tiny entities, run a race to reach the woman's egg. Ninety-nine percent of the time, there is just one winner. During your time, that winner was YOU. 

The race would have been even tougher if there were more rounds of intercourse, as the number of contestants would be running into BILLIONS.

If the man decided to delay intercourse for a day, chances are that IT WOULDN'T BE YOU.
If the man had decided to have intercourse a day before, chances are that it wouldn't be you.
If the man had decided to meet someone else before going to his wife, chances are that you would just be lying fallow in another womans womb, or caught up in a condom to be flushed down the toilet.
If the woman had decided to meet someone else and got pregnant, it certainly wouldn't have been you.
If the man and woman decided that month was not for pregnancy, it certainly wouldn't have been you.

You see the odds nature helped you overcome?

2 million eggs, 500 million sperm, perfectly timed to bring you to this realm of existence. Its like a race where half the population of China was called, and you emerged sole winner. You are a TROPHY in your own right. There is no better way to define it.

Do not allow anybody bring you down because of circumstances. Yes, nature gave you a push, but it wouldn't have if you didnt possess what it took to survive, especially if you are old enough to read this.

Take deep breaths, look at these figures above, and reassure yourself. You will make it. Just go find out what nature equipped you with, and put it to good use.

As you watch the video in the comments section, always realise that you were created to make a difference.

You won the race of birth, you can also win the race of life. 

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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