Nigeria Is Still An Immature Country

It may seem I am calling for a special law to protect Igbo people, especially those who sojourn outside the East, but that is the reality of today's Nigeria.

They are indeed by far the most vulnerable whenever the locals of a place decide they need a scape goat to assuage their anger.

That is why a single crime committed by an Igbo man is visited on all Igbos, this time not up North, but In Bayelsa state.

In a country where we visit the crimes of an indiviudal on his race and descendants, laws should be specific on protection of people who are not indigenes of the areas where they reside, especially if they are not collectively known for drawing first blood.

When push comes to shove, NOBODY remembers your good deeds or moments of solidarity.

I can bet with my salary that most igbos affected, supported GEJ, a Bayelsan during the 2015 elections, a deed most of the Ijaws in Bayelsa did not regard when meting out unfair punishment to a whole race for the crimes of a single man.

At the end of the day, "an outsider is an outsider" is a doctrine that is very alive in Nigeria.

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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