Obinna Aligwekwe: "But You Are A Doctor, Where Do You Get All The Time To Make So Many Posts"

"If I had not seen your name on the UK Doctors' register, I would have doubted you were a real Doctor. You're always on social media".

"What kind of Doctor are you? I am sure you don't have many patients, thats why you are always online"
I get so many questions as the ones above, some in respect, some in curiosity, and others in outright derision.
I will address this to all that want to know.
1. I am a Doctor, a PRACTISING one. If you check the UK list of practitioners, I have an ACTIVE license, and a FULL registration. All you need do is type my facebook name and my number 7078247 and you will get all the information you need.

2. I am as busy as any other Doctor. I CO-ORDINATE emergency calls which is the SHITTY part of medical work where just about any patient gets dumped on you from the outside. And on a bad day, they come in droves that can drive you mad.

3. That you see my posts on-line does not mean you can actually speak with me on phone, or even chat with me inbox. Those who mistake my numerous posts for constant on-line presence, get disappointed when they want to talk or chat, with very few exceptions. There is a difference between reading a post that is there for all times, and needing to talk or chat at a certain time T.

4. Writing and speaking on current affairs are two things I developed a flair for as a child as young as 10. Those who know me PERSONALLY (even from secondary school) can attest to this. I was a 9 year old in 1986, yet I knew the details of the American bombing of Tripoli that year, as well as the details of the Vatsa coup. I have my late Dad to thank for this.

5. My access to information on the go is unbeatable. My phone beeps anytime there is a MAJOR world event. I have access to the major Nigerian news sites, as well as reliable friends who give me the latest info. Most times, I get to hear of news even before those living in Nigeria.

6. When you consider something a HOBBY, you will create time as it alleviates stress and enhances your well being. Even a Doctor knows that a Doctor who doesnt find little time to do what he loves, is a ticking time bomb.

7. Because of my love for writing and speaking, some of my most controversial and "liked" posts have come on very busy days, while some come right after I have finished coordinating affairs in the other room.

8. Most of my write-ups are PRE-CONCIEVED, and because I am used to writing, I can pen those thoughts within a very short time. Sometimes from thought conception to publishing takes less than ten minutes.

So, the next time you dont like my posts, and you try blackmailing me with such questions, just note that you're actually the yeye person.
I have stopped beating people, otherwise I would have asked Modees Usman to locate you so I can beat both of you together. You because you are silly, and Modees, because he just likes beating.

en By Obinna Aligwekwe
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