US President: Donald Trump As Worked Very Hard At Creating Deadly Diversions And Stymieing Folks Connected To Obama

In 100 days plus, US President, Donald Trump has worked very hard at creating deadly diversions and stymieing folks connected to Obama, folks who may be close to the facts about his alleged shady election deal with Russia and his non tax paying history.

 Here goes:
• Bombing of Syria. Killed some folks. But for what purpose?
• Mother of all bombs hit rocky mountains of Afghanistan. Killed some folks. To what effect.
• Sack of
- Sally Yates, acting attorney general 
- Mike Flynn, national security adviser
- Preet Bharara, US attorney who refused to effect the resignations of 46 federal prosecutors.
- Angella Reid, chief usher at the White House unceremoniously fired.
- James Comey, FBI director investigating Trump over Russia allegations.

More to follow from Mr. Trump's White House of Commotion. 

Take a front row seat. The days ahead will be very, very interesting. 

 By Ken Tadaferua
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