The Amazing Health Benefits Of 'Nkarika' /Annang "Also Known As 'pepper fruit"

One of the perks of going on a roadtrip is that you come across various things, especially edible things and you get to learn about the history of a place, it's culture, lifestyle and food.‎ (I have some new discovery I'll share here soon)

I was really excited to finally see the tree this tiny fruit comes from. In fact I thought it grew like beans. Lol. 

My mom pseudo forced me to eat these as a child and I grew to like it, especially the ripe ones. One of the very outstanding benefit of this fruit is that it is an insect repellant, especially for mosquitoes.

 Also, it is good for sore throat, cold and cough. It is medicinal and I'm certain that we are yet to discover many other benefits of it. And if you know others, please do share with us here.‎ Thank you.

Today's fruit is called 'nkarika' in ibibio/annang. It is referred to as 'pepperfruit' in English. It is seasonal and it is of two types, the wild one (can be cooked not eaten raw) and non-wild one (the one in this picture can be eaten raw and used to cook as well). Nkarika can be used for food spice and flavouring too. It is tangy in taste and sweet especially the red one. It also tastes like mint, and quite hot especially the green one (the unripe one). Both the flesh and seed are edible. ‎

P/s. Am I the only one that finds it really amazing that our local pear comes out the same season with the maize?
Writen By Enwongo C. Cleopas
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