Corporate Affairs Commission Is The Only Functional And Reliable Government Website In Nigeria Right Now

The only functional and reliable government website in Nigeria right now is the website of the Corporate Affairs Commission. 

It is really frustrating to look for information, directives and even updates about various policies, actions, and info on government agencies in Nigeria and find none. 

Last year I tried something with my friend. I told him, let's count how many ministries we have in Nigeria and when we checked online, there was no one site that had a comprehensive list of ministries. In fact, we ended up even more confused than before.

I always look out for laws and bills and their progression in our house of assemblies and I see nothing, except that of Lagos state. What will it take to engage the very young creative people I come across daily to build, design, manage even these information online? I don't get it.

I'm trying to get some information for something I'm working on and it is as if that particular ministry does not even exist. If I go to the office now, it will take 20 years to even be attended to except 'I know someone who knows someone who once said hi to someone'. Kai! I don't know but we cannot continue like this.

By Enwongo C. Cleopas
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