About A Strange Animal That Was Found In A Hostel In Benin

I just came across this picture, about a strange animal that was found in a hostel in Benin, Edo state and people were asked to pray and rebuke the 'bush-baby' and rejoice over the victory of it's death. I don't know whether to cry or laugh.

First of all, who did this to us? It bothers me that our reaction to things we cannot explain or understand is always to demonise such thing.

I expected people to simply search that animal in the picture and see that it's a Potto. Jesus! I mean, we are wiping out beautiful creatures in the name of spiritual nonsense.

And for God's sake, a bush baby is another name for Galago, a wild animal found in this region.

Why have we refused to open our minds and learn about these many things we tag witches and demons? It is one thing to defend yourself against wild animals, it is another thing to invoke some warfare against these innocent creatures.

I still remember the first time I saw a documentary about the bushbabies of Senegal, I was totally floored. Ignorance and refusal to learn is killing us and slowly wiping out nature's gift to us. I'm very sad right now. 

By Enwongo C. Cleopas

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