I Don't Care About Nigerian Christians! "Says Joy Isi Bewaji"

I don't care about Nigerian Christians.
But I love God. I really do.
The Nigerian church is largely a sham. That has very little to do with God. And absolutely nothing to do with me.
I have atheist friends. I respect them, and I believe they respect my belief in a God.
I do not believe I have to fight for God. So I don't.
But what I will not accept on my newsfeed is a naked picture of a Jesus with a penis.
You will not try it with Mohammed. You will not try it with Buhari.
Why Jesus?
Let's forget that picture is a sham. I mean, that isn't even Jesus. That Catholic drawing of a white man is definitely not Christ. It's an idol of sort. I don't know. I don't care.
However, it is the motive behind that post that I am against.
Why mock a God you know will not act against your stupidity? Why prey on the silence of a God? Why taunt?
That's weakness.
Criticise the African church. Those people don't know God.
But why instigate pornography on a drawing?
They have debated on Jesus and Magdalene for years.
So he fucked her. Rest nah. We have heard.
Don't you fuck?
Are we supposed to stop believing in Christ because you insist He fucked?
I don't get it.
Fight the African church without dragging God into this war.
He is just as pissed as you are about this entire misrepresentation.
"That is not me, for Me-sake!" He screams, I'm sure.
PS: You have been unfriended (It should mean nothing to you, really). 

By Joy Isi Bewaji
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