The Competition Is Always Offensive

So long as a Non-Christian views Christianity as competition, then there is nothing reasonable that could ever come from a Christian and vice versa. Many of us are more focused on the competition than our own path.

Imagine if every driver on the road saw other drivers as competition, add to that a desperation to win (to be right). Many of us are too desperate to be right. Just imagine if every driver on third mainland bridge was that desperate, some would probably start hitting some smaller cars off the bridge. You totally forget that they are all not headed to the same destination in the first place.

The same thing applies to life, we are all wired differently. We wake and sleep separately. You are not my competition and I am not yours. No matter how defensive you are, if I die tomorrow will you die with me?

When a Christian shares his experiences or explains his belief, despite his appeal for love and desire to see others become better, the fact that he is competition makes him "evil"? This is typically African, once a person is not on our path we become desperate to drag them onto our path or off the road.

Even amongst Christians, we do this to ourselves. This is simply an exercise in futility, if you choose this approach to life. Differences do not mean we are in a competition, they simply mean that we are humans with separate races. No matter how much we look alike, think alike, our journey in life can never be the same.

The more you get comfortable with that, the more likely you are to value other people who are different. 

Written By Damilola Jonathan Oladeji
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