" The Biggest Failing Of Nigeria Is Its Leaders' Absolute Lack Of Vision" By Ken Tadaferua!

The biggest failing of Nigeria is its leaders' absolute lack of vision. We celebrate their foolishness: badly constructed roads, seeking debt relief, begging for loans and aid. Their greatest achievement is the institution of corruption as Nigeria's biggest industry, with the evil adjuncts of greed, laziness, political manipulation and use of religion and region/ethnicity as political weapons.

They destroyed agriculture, crashed budding industrialization and ruined work ethics, morality, efficiency and productivity. Up until today, they keep sharing free unearned money, every month for over five decades, to themselves and their thug acolytes in power (presidency, governors, LG chairmen, heads of parastatals, legislators, contractors, banks etc)

Our young are now used to cheating and getting free money without working and blowing up contract sums for projects they will not execute. They are experts in yahoo yahoo and 419 and flood churches serving gods that promise wealth and health without using their heads and God given gifts.

Up until today, our leaders' policy chant is higher oil revenues. They kneel and pray for higher oil revenues and then steal the revenues by sharing it freely because the rogue constitution they created allows them to do so through the evil federation account. What is the yield of this constitution and the federation account: The people are getting poorer. Electric power supply is deplorable. Do not even mention portable water. The state of infrastructure is sickening. Why?

People say Nigeria has the Dutch disease, the curse of oil. I say no. What we have is: The curse of leadership that has delivered a worse curse of a people divided, laid back, corrupt, greedily hoping for their own corrupt break while shouting anti corruption slogans. Nigeria is naked. Nigeria is heading for the rocks. Nigeria has no visionaries, no morality, no sense of global competitiveness. We have lost it.

The Obasanjos, Shagaris, Babangidas, Jonathans, Buharis are men empty of vision, driven by personal grandeur and greed using the vehicle of regional, religious, political strategy of divide and rule for personal power. They shout Nigeria must be one but divide the people to rule. They display anti corruption populism but are big thieves who refuse to change the failed sociopolitical systems and structures that has brought one of world's highest resource rich countries to its knees as one of the poorest and most sick, corrupt, ignorant and unproductive of nations. Men who steal from their country to load in foreign real estates and banks. What can be more stupid? They love to display primordial greed, shameless personal power and stolen wealth even as their country is going to pieces. Empty and greedy minds.

Please watch the video below and ponder:

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