"I Fear For Nigerians" By Immanuel Ifediata

I should fear for Nigerians when a government we elected into power begins to write citizens personally, warning them to "keep silent on issues of political or administrative nature" or be fired from service.
I must remind us all that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to say or do nothing. We should not be afraid to express ourselves; we have the God-given, inalienable right to self-expression. The more we do what we fear to do, then the death of fear is certain. Our complacency and fears to confront certain administrative depravities and malfeasance is the reason why things have deteriorated to this humongous extent.

Things are really getting out of hand. As a country, we are backward in everything. The dreams and aspirations of our youths are murdered everyday by "some people" and "the evil system" they have decided to run for donkey years. People who were called useless in Nigeria went abroad and became geniuses. This country frustrates us, kills our initiatives and our vision.

Let this be a wake up call to you. We need to do something! We really need to do something! They keep telling us we will survive. What they mean is "they" will survive. Black men, especially the older generation, don't know how to run a country. The older generation have no values; they have no integrity or good reputation. They are not leaders. They have taught my generation that stealing public money is not a serious crime. What nonsense! These thieves have no business ruling us. When we catch a petty thief in our villages, we strip them naked and shame them. Some Nigerians burn thieves in the market place but why do we honour these thieves at the corridors of power? I don't want to join the Western world in believing that there is something wrong with the mind of a black man. Let us talk to ourselves! It seems there's something really wrong with our minds! There's something wrong with our minds!

In this age, we don't have electricity. I cook soup and put in my fridge, it turns sour because there's no power supply. I see people going to work on rumpled clothes. Every night, the noise from generating sets can't let us sleep well and people die because the fumes coming from the generators have suffocated them. You go to school and come out; no jobs. You discover the system of education you passed through did not prepare you well, that it only exposed you to poverty. You must now find a way to travel out and live a meaningful life. Every youth is now a yahoo boy.
Is this the country of our founding father's dream? Let's talk to ourselves now. Let's do something before this wicked madness consumes us all. We need to wake up! 

Written By Immanuel Ifediata
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