Wole Soyinka Urges Buhari To Declare Health Status

Wole Soyinka is not a patriotic Nigerian at all.

Wole Soyinka urges Buhari to declare health status."

I think he should be stripped of that yeye Nobel prize that keeps shacking his head.

Enemies of Nigeria shall know no peace.

One cannot come and be sick in peace again.

All these people asking for Buhari to declare his health status dont know if they will even die before him.

You people should leave Baba alone.

Dont you know even if he becomes a vegetable his ordinary blinking of eyes can still give instruction?

One blink can mean YES. Two blinks mean NO. Three blinks can mean ATTACK. If he blows his mouth to you, that means you are sacked. It is very possible. Baba can still function.

One idiot Doctor like that keeps talking about SPOT DIAGNOSIS. Is it your spot? Who placed you on the spot?

Abeg, Baba carry go. Even in the grave your skeleton is better than any President Nigeria ever had.

To God who made me.......if you guys force Buhari to declare his health status, I will go to Hospital and choook 600 people with heavy injection on their two buttocks without mercy. 

By Obinna Aligwekwe
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