Congrats, Anthony Joshua: Keep Walking, Champ!

Nigeria is that estranged father. Delinquent. Who neglects his responsibility. Speaks ill of his child. 
Shows him no love. Doesn't pay school fees. Doesn't care about shoes or clothes. Never attended one PTA meeting or sponsored any hobby the child likes.
Nigeria is that father offended that the child, at 8, speaks up and can be heard, is sure what he wants and calls himself a genius.
"I have this talent, dad."
He shuts him up and calls him arrogant.
"Who do you think you are? What do you know? There are children who can do it better than you. You are average, stop being proud or you won't amount to anything."
Tired of his mess, the child moves in with his mother and stepfather.
This stepfather pays attention to the child's talent.
When he speaks, he listens. He calls him confident, not arrogant. When his voice is loud, he tells him to go louder.
He acknowledges the child's talent. He nurtures the child's talent.
That child goes on to win the heavyweight title.
Then what happens next?
You see the useless biological father jumping like a monkey, pointing to the screen... "That's my son."
Who is your son? You bloody scum!
A complete failure. Never-do-well. Shameless beyond words. This Nigeria.
Congrats, Britain.
Congrats, Anthony Joshua.
Even though you wish to be politically correct, you are not a Nigerian. You won this title under the care of another father who showed you love.
Don't mind this deadbeat father called Nigeria.
Keep walking, champ.
PS: Tueh for Nigerians! 

Written By Joy Isi Bewaji

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