Ooni Seems More Conscious Of His Christianity Than The Oonirisa

The Ooni seems more conscious of his Christianity than the Oonirisa divinity had elected him to become.

This is part of the bleaching of our cultural uniqueness the arch custodian of our culture shouldn't be part of .

My worries may not exactly resonate with the Yoruba audience in Nigeria, a demographic that had long lost a sense of pride in its own philosophies and had remained perpetually constrained in its obsession with alien ideas that had neither edified it nor enabled it carve a unique intellectual niche in the development of homegrown science and paradigms that could help solve its peculiar environmental problems.

I am rather worried about our cousins in the diaspora :the Olukuns in the Americas (new world) who have caught the frenzy of the renaissance and are ultimately interested in reconnecting with their orisun, spiritually and culturally. 

They would definitely be confused seeing how the putative 402nd of the Orixas, and a highly revered spiritual character in Ifa religion and all its syncretic forms like Lukumi and Santeria would rather pander to the Abrahamic ways.

 I am really so worried about how wasteful and empty they would consider their irredentism.

Written By Olasunkanmi Olapeju
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