Masterchef Junior USA: Ramsay Gordon Asks An 8 Year Old Participant......

Masterchef Junior USA
Ramsay Gordon asks an 8-year-old participant...
"Your father is a cop."
"Your mother too"
"Do you wish to be a cop when you grow up?"
She responds: "No, I have my life planned out. I want to teach. I think I've got a lot of knowledge to share."
She's just 8!
The confidence of the "American Child" is a dream.
Let the "Nigerian child" display half as much confidence...
The first time the Nigerian child speaks so confidently, we laugh.
Second time. We pinch her back and tell her not to show "arrogance" around others.
"Be humble like Jesus," we say.
Third. We remind her it is only God that can predict her future and her confidence is drawing attention to her which is wrong.
Fourth time. We say to the Nigerian child, "Do you think you are better than your parents. Show respect."
Fifth. We knock her on the head.
Finally, she loses her confidence forever. And wears a moronic appearance for the rest of her life. 

ByJoy Isi Bewaji

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