Former President, Goodluck Jonathan Is Like A Sitting Duck, Perched Perpetually On A Wall

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan is like a sitting duck, perched perpetually on a wall. He gets pelted, ever so often, with rocks and hailstones by all manner of passersby.

When ignored, he quacks to attract even more pelting. He neither dodges the rocks, thudding and bloodying him, nor does he fly away from the execution wall. Perhaps he is too heavily loaded with loot to spread his wings and head for the skies.

The man urgently needs a public relations and media management professional to get him, the hell off that wailing wall, before he is knocked out silly, dismembered and buried by the armies of hypocritical rock throwers.

Many before him, with very criminal records like him, are sitting nice and pretty, on hilltop mansions, playing political godfathers, pretentious moral leaders, picking their teeth of the sumptuous loot they continue to quaff and generally enjoy being honored by endless throngs of sycophants.

Nigeria is a funny place. Sitting ducks stand no chance. The hyenas rule in majestic splendour. Makes you ask: Why don't the hypocrites get both the hyenas and the ducks to judgement? Wouldn't that be equitable justice? 

Written By Ken Tadaferua
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