When You Want To Build A Decent Society, One Of The Cardinal Points Are!

1. Ensure negative actions detrimental to well being of citizens have consequences.

I cannot believe people are rationalising why a TEACHER should talk about dating students and catching them young.

You all disappoint me.

Note I have not used the word PAEDOPHILE in any of my updates. I intend to distance myself from any form of mob action but some things are already clearly evident and actionable. Yes, so far, the chap has committed no crime, but he doesn't need to.

Even a person who says he will kill and glorifies murder, is not yet guilty of murder, but removes himself of the total innocence of good thought that would otherwise be accorded him.

Those comparing the scenario to Sanusi Lamido Sanusi have a point but want to stretch it too far.

Nobody who is asking for Ifediata to be sanctioned ever supported Sanusi's involvement in the Ese Oruru saga. My timeline is there for all to see.

That Sanusi is an Emir and giving the right vibes does not mean we have forgotten.

I really feel sad Ifediata is being sanctioned, but he should be made to take responsibility for his careless utterances. People may differ on the severity of the sanctions and some may feel losing his job is severe but I wouldn't trust such a person near my child.

You guys are so adept at defending the indefensible yet won't tolerate a fraction of what you advocate.
Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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