Hope Apostle Suleiman Is Pushing On With His Case Against Stephanie Otobo

Stephanie Otobo has released account details (complete with video) where Apostle Suleiman transfered huge sums of money into her account.

In one transaction alone, he was said to have transferred as much as 900,000 naira. There is another transaction where 200,000 exchanged hands.

I hope Apostle Suleiman is pushing on with his case against Stephanie and Sahara reporters for defamation.

I also hope Cossy Orjiakor is able to go ahead with her threat and publish her account records showing that other Port Harcourt Pastor paid money into her account as well.

People who accuse should be ready to prove.

As for me personally though, I am not surprised.

I love proof, but my hunch will NEVER be with the average Nigerian "man of God".

And NO, this is not a case of a person falling once or twice or even thrice, its a case of people CONSISTENTLY practising what they preach against, aka persistent hypocrisy.

Many "men of god" live the lives of Atheists and Agnostics in private.

The personal experience I have had, led me to build a pattern which is playing out now. 

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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