WHO ARE YOU: On The Road?

When you reverse or make a turn on the road, you keep other drivers and cars waiting for you.

When you drive to a busy trunk road or a busy intersection or junction, some other drivers may nicely wait for you to get on to the road.

When your car has a breakdown on the road, other drivers with their cars may have to wait for you to push it out of the way or to indicate you have a challenge.

Unfortunately, many Nigerians in such circumstances just drive on without the simple courtesy of saying thank you, or waving to show appreciation. Or even abandon their broken down vehicles and cause huge traffic jams with nary a care. Such behaviour indicate the following:

• Very bad home training. It shows in lack of good manners and social etiquette.

• Rude and arrogant attitude hiding a decadent personality vainly attempting to exhibit that he or she is happening.

• A weak personality and no strength of character, one easily manipulated by peers and society. They want to be like the Jones and think foolish driving attitude is hip. You often hear such folks say: "This is Lagos" or "This is Nigeria". A cover for doing wrong.

• If you do not respect other road users then know that you are a born loser and a despicable character. It is worse when you drive an expensive car because it shows you are a hypocrite and uncleanness in a whited sepulcher.

• It is terrible if you also throw waste out your moving car on to the road for it shows you are probably very comfortable in the gutter.
• It is absolutely disgraceful if you also have no patience and race just to prevent other drivers from getting on to the road, for it shows that you are no better than a motor park tout.

• If you do any of the horrible things listed above and you go to church or mosque to worship God, (some even do it right after a church service) I feel sorry for you, for loving your neighbor as yourself is the very last thing on your mind. Your soul is lost.

Now, take your time. Look at the mirror. What do you see? Who really are you when you take the wheels and drive? A cultured, strong and decent personality? Or an ego tripping buffoon that is really a weak, decadent motor park lout?

I am watching you. I will tell you when I see you. Your friends with good home training will tell you too. I wish you tons of luck and decency on the road.

 Written By Ken Tadaferua
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