West Will Not Handle Islamic Terrorism Effectively Without Sanctions On Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia admits that the Westminster attacker had visited the country but in defense of its government's policy of funding Islamic

radicalization has said that Khalid Masood had 'no criminal records' while in KSA and wasn't suspected of being a terrorist!

How will an Islamist have a criminal record in the home of radical Islam?

How can a UK citizen born Adrian Elms not raise concerns when he turns up as Khalid Masood after visits to Islamist KSA?

KSA has been funding Islamic causes for a long time and this terrorist must have gotten Islamic teachings in the hotbed of radical Islam during his visits.

The West will not handle Islamic terrorism effectively without sanctions on Saudi Arabia, that's the beehive of Islamic terrorism worldwide.

The role of Saudi Arabia in perpetuating Islam as a tool for geopolitical influence has to be examined by developed countries.

You can't discuss international terrorism without discussing democracy and human rights in KSA.

In a democracy, they wouldn't be celebrating and accommodating an Adrian Elms turned Khalid Masood but as a hotbed for radical Islam, a terrorist was welcomed and likely employed and tutored in KSA. 

Written By Darren Idongesit
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